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Welcome to the adolescent care services led by Dr. Shikha Gurnani. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive and compassionate healthcare tailored to the unique needs of teenagers. We understand the importance of nurturing both physical and emotional well-being during these formative years.

About Adolescent Care


Adolescent care is a specialized branch of healthcare that focuses on the specific needs and challenges faced by teenagers. Dr. Shikha Gurnani is committed to delivering personalized care that addresses the diverse aspects of adolescent health, from routine check-ups to mental health support.

Why Choose Adolescent Care with Us?

Comprehensive Health Check-ups

Regular health check-ups are crucial during adolescence. Dr. Gurnani offers thorough examinations to monitor growth, development, and address any health concerns that may arise during this transformative stage.

Vaccinations and Preventive Care

We prioritize preventive care, including vaccinations to protect against common illnesses. Our goal is to keep teenagers healthy and resilient as they navigate through their academic and social environments.

Services Offered

Routine Physical Examinations

Regular physical exams are essential for tracking growth, identifying potential health issues, and ensuring overall well-being.


We provide a comprehensive vaccination schedule to protect teenagers from vaccine-preventable diseases, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Mental Health Support

Adolescence can bring unique emotional challenges. Dr. Gurnani offers empathetic and confidential support for mental health concerns, including stress, anxiety, and mood disorders.

Your Teen's Health, Our Priority

Educational Resources

We believe in empowering teenagers with knowledge about their health. Dr. Shikha Gurnani provides educational resources on topics such as nutrition, exercise, and healthy habits to encourage informed choices.

Collaborative Approach

We work closely with parents and guardians to create a collaborative approach to adolescent care, ensuring that both the teen and their support network are involved in maintaining optimal health.

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